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First post, hope it goes well.


Hi. Greetings? Salutations.


I have about $200-300 budgeted for a turntable system. I'm starting from scratch, have some records already, and will be listening mostly to classical, orchestral and solo piano with some opera if it turns up. Oh and some Marvin Gaye for the girl. Don't laugh, it was $3...


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dunno how I had missed it before. Edited OP for relevance/redundancy.]


I'm aware and wary about interstate shipping, but I offered $36 on eBay (shipping was just as much) for a Kenwood KD-3070 and got it, although I realized it wasn't explicitly on memepool's list.


About the TT:

-It doesn't have the PLAY lever, but seller used a little screwdriver to turn it on and test - I figure I can just look for one or jimmy something up. I also have screwdrivers. Anyway, that's not an issue for me.

-It comes with "NICE SOUNDING CARTRIDGE AND STYLUS", which of course doesn't mean a thing.

-It was cheap, so I plan on using this as trial table to play around with and make my newbie mistakes on before I get one of the other Pioneer/Sony/Technics/Thorens decks I'm creeping on.


Again, my question is, is this TT worth fixing up, cleaning, tuning, and maintaining? Or should I wait for another table to come my way?


(Sub-post - is this allowed? Oh well) - Via local Craigslist, going tomorrow to check out a Sony PS-3300 with moon platter mat, not sure what the moons do but they look cool. Cart included, not sure of make. Asking $90. What should I look for, listen for, and test?

Seller also has a Tandberg 2055 receiver and some big speakers, asking $150. Related to original question - is the receiver necessary? Should I chug around for it?






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