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I don't mean to be contrary, --but it sounds like you reviewed any one of the large number of Chinese knock-offs of this extremely popular & well received headphone.  

This is probably one of the most counterfeited headphones of all time.  It is rampant!

As you know, -Consumer Reports check rated the MDR-V6 model in the late '90's.  That's when I was 1st exposed and I tested the phones in a very high-end audio store against others costing upwards to $300.  After owning dozens of phones previously, --the V6's got my vote that day in the store even though I could have easily afforded more pricey models.  In the early 21st century, my headphones got soaked with cola (long story) -- so I ordered another pair from E-bay and they sounded horrible.  It turned out that they were very authentic looking  Chinese knock-offs.  

After reordering from a vendor in NYC, --I got the real-deal back and I've got to tell you: The Chinese knockoffs sound like you describe (and I still have them).  The Sony's, on the other hand exhibit none of the harshness you described.  To date, --I have exchanged dialog with a large number of people who have been the victims of this rampant counterfeiting.  This model headphone is knocked off so much that there is even an eBay forum for catching the fakes!  

So ... with all due respect: Please test the genuine mccoy sometime.  

From my experience and the evidence I have on hand: I am absolutely positive that your review was of a knock-off pair of phones.  The real-deals sound waaaay too good to get such a poor rating.


Good day.

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You do realize you are responding to a post that is from 2002... That dude is long gone. tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by Pepsione1 View Post

After reading your review, I immediately want to try a pair of Grado SR80 and see how it stands against my Sony MDR-7506.

I have great interest in the grados and I have to agree with you that the Sony is in fact not too dynamic.

Anyway, it was a great review, I agree with you to a certain degree because there are still many things that other people can see (including you) in the sony's that I've yet to experience myself.

Let me know how the Grado's do against the 7506s. So far, I have put them (7506s) against some of the more common closed headphones in the $200 range and I prefer the 7506s.

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I thought he described them pretty well. They are pretty harsh to me.
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you dont mind if i link this review to a video? if i ever get the chance to upload that video of course!

i will be happy to credit you as well!
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