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which one should i buy?

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Hi all,


Glad to join with you and write the first post.

I'm in Germany and want to buy two in-earphones. One around 10~15 Euro (for my sister) and one for myself up to 50 Euro.


My ideals are:

  • Pop music (like: Dj Vacker “all for you”,,, Dj Alligator “Turn Up The Music”; Inna “Sun is up”). Never listen to rock & metal.
  • Y-Cord
  • Sound: heavy and good quality bass (not boomy), clear and detailed treble (the best sound signature that can fly the soul by above songs!!)
  • Good isolation,
  • I run twice a week, but don't want sport style, just need a comfort one to be fixed in ear canal.


My 4 years old Creative EP-635 burned out just last week while it was joyful and satisfy-able so far. but know I've decided to experience a more derailed sound :)

1- For my sister, regarding “multi-iem-review- 242”, I think “JVC HA-FX34 Marshmallows” could be a suitable. Would you please advise me if there is any better option?

2- For myself, I mixed up among many cases. But regarding above thread and other reviews I sum up with following items:

  • VSonic GR99 …………. €29
  • Xears XE200PRO …….. €30 (with code: KLANGFUZZIS)
  • Xears Pure Audio XPA800PRO ... €30
  • Brainwavz ProAlpha ….. €38
  • Brainwavz M2 ............... €40
  • Brainwavz M4 (With headset) .... €47


Does any of them suite my case or you suggest other models?

Thanks in advance.

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While I don't have an answer for you...


I can say Welcome to the Forum.


Cheers, Jim

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Thanks Jim,

Hope to receive friends comments :)

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Hey welcome to the forum!


Anyway I think Fischer Audio Consonance will be suitable for your taste. It has a slightly U-shaped sound (emphasis on bass + treble, slightly recessed mids). They have good clarity overall, but I think it might cost slightly more than your budget. Still they will definitely worth the extra cost. Hope this helps :)

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