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For Sale or Trade:
Audinst MX1/SennHD598/HFI2400/Yamaha HPH-200

Will Ship To: CONUS

OK, just trying to clear out some stuff, this needs to go as a bundle, since it's more about getting rid of stuff I won't be using, or don't use at all


The Audinst has the jumper pins connected, and will drive any of the phones I'm including to ridiculous levels.


All headphones are in great shape. The Audinst is also. I will pack it in one box, I'm not going to bother with boxes, but will include the instructions for tha Audinst, and it's power cord. I thought the power cord degraded the sound.


This price includes shipping, and is less than half of street price. The Yamaha are an open on ear headphone with very open sound, even more open than the 598, and very good for any genre.  I'm not going to bother with pictures. I don't sell or even give things away that aren't in great condition.


If you have enough feedback, I'll consider sending the items with only the shipping charges paypal'd. No new members.  I have always conducted business here with the community's reputation in mind.


I figure roughly 35-40 dollars shipping, via usps priority and insured.  Finally, I will consider trading for a top tier iem, since they take up so little room.


Keep in mind, all headphones listed are open.  Thanks,  Frank