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See my response here:


And basically if your request is as follows:


I listen to Dubstep/House so bass is a necessity.

I also don't have an amp. Just my phone to my ear. 3.5mm jack.


Then as in part stated here by 'Wink' :


If that's all you listen to, forget Hifi and go buy yourself the Beats by Dr. Dre...

And you're using your phone? for tunes with a 3.5mm jack (


You're wasting your time here...   seriously.


No headphone will improve the substandard low-fi from phones.

I listen to hard dubstep and techno. What would you think to be the best combination of amp and headphone (portablilty preferred) what would you recommend for the best sound? I'm listening simply out of an ipod. My budget is under 300 US dollars. Thanks.