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AKG K318... why are they so bad?

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I just purchased a pair. I read a few reviews/comments around the interwebz and decided to get them. And man, are they awful.. even worse than the HTC stereo headset that came with my desirez! The bass on the akg is just non-exsistent, soundstage is awful. Does anyone else have these earphones/ have any comments? 


In addition, I have UE600, Shure 840, fully-modded HD555.. are my standards just too high? But that wouldn't explain how the HTC no-name buds trounce these AKGs...

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Burn in...
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let's hope for that!


i tried a mx580 a few weeks back and also sounded pretty bad

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you need to apply the foam pads 

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for which, akg or senn? akg didn't come with foam pads.

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my akg came with pads. well, as far as i tried earbuds, they will all need to be covered with pads, in order to deliver some bass.

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and these were the akg k318? mine definetely didn't come with pads :( unless they fell out on me?

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yes, k318. but you can buy an extra pai or more in every local electronics store
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the k318 needs 500 hours of burn in to show it's maximum potential, and especially for your average joe that is a basshead and not crave for lucsious mid and heavenly highs, k318 is not for you at all. To put it to justice, I'd say the listener is more important than the burn in. I have bought 2 paris of k318 after the first one was stolen. Absolutely the most amazing vocal rendering for Laura Marling in all of my portables, and that includes, k430, pp, htx7, crossfade lp, and a whole ton else. I don't own mx xxx cus Sennheiser low end is just ****. I don't own k450 cus it's **** too. I don't own any major bass flavored popular cans cus they are all ****.

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I have just received mine today too. I can understand why your saying they are so bad as my initial reaction was the same. I like bass in my music personally! However for general listening the sound is beautiful, the mids and highs are really tight love it. I would say they are amazing however they DO lack bass at this moment in time.


Do not be put of by this as i haven't burned them in at all and my opinion on this may change! I will say this however that if you already have the iphone headphones do not buy these as an upgrade because there is not a MASSIVE difference apart from the highs. 


I purchased these as my in ear sennheiser's were getting on my nerves in terms of comfort. the AKG's are not as good in terms of sound however they sit really nicely in the ear and are really comfy. 


Overall i see where your coming from however try and listen to some of your collection that are of acoustic nature? 

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