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For Sale: (FS) Atrio MG7 (Price drop)

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
(FS) Atrio MG7 (Price drop)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling on behalf of a friend.


Atrio MG7 - Purchased Feb 2012. Will ship with case, tips, cleaning tool. Only used the medium dual flange tips. Were used at home and at work. They sound amazing. Very minimal signs of usage outside of regular wear.  Strain reliefs still in great condition.

75 Shipped/77.50 if not gifted.


Item will be shipped via USPS out of Chicago.

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still for sale?

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Still for sale.

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I'm interested in purchasing your ATH-M50's I was wondering if you're able to ship to Canada British Columbia.

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hi there. have reached  my max for pm's. Bloody annoying. anyway, still interested and looks like i can move on it before Thursday now. will PM as soon as i am 'allowed'

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Yo, apparently new members can't send more than 2 PMs a day, haha.


Anyway, I know I'm new on here, but I've got a nice little rating on eBay ( , showing the SRH840's I sold today to pay for these) and would be happy to hop through any hoops to show that I'm legit. If you're still not comfortable with PayPal, I could do a money order or something?



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Came in today in PRISTINE condition. Talk about a quick turnaround. I could review the 'phones themselves but that's for another thread (short answer: WOW). If I didn't know better I'd think these were NIB, except I don't need to burn 'em in.


Awesome seller to deal with, hopefully his friends will have other stuff I can get at half price, LOL!

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