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UE 700

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i've bought UE700 for more than a month now... and i really enjoy the sound that it produce! since i own only 1 good in-ear monitor and 2 headphones (AKG q460 and steelseries v2) i can't really judge the sound


this is the result:


(i'm not going to do the out of 10 score because each people have their own preference)



treble: this earphone are very good at treble the sound of the treble is well controlled and doesn't disturb my ear that much

comparing to other earphones/headphone this one might be the most disturbing earphone (treble unbalance the music sometimes.) it might be because i listen to jazz or the file of the music isn't that good...


mid:i have nothing to complain about this earphones the mid is great, very great. the sound that it produce is crystal clear and light. that's one of the reason i bought this earphone most of the music in my ipod is jazz and orchestra and the rest is rock and hiphop.


low:the bass of this earphone might not be that much. the bass is not compact, it's like water not compact



overall:i really do enjoy listening to this earphone even though i'm planning to get AKG K3003 or JH 13 i think i'll still enjoy this earphone as much as i'll enjoy the AKg and the JH since the sound of the earphone is what i prefer

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Well that is good to hear.

Enjoy, Jim
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