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B&W P5 or the V-Moda M80 ?

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Which one for tracks such as this (listen in 1080p) :


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No linky...
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Originally Posted by AstroTurf View Post

No linky...

apparently there's something wrong with embedding videos. Anyways here's the link!:

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I'd probably go for the M-80 for this kind of music.

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V-Modas.. Never been very impressed with the P5s..

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Which color are you getting white or black?
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IMHO, the M80s are in a different league than the P5s. They sound much better, and sell for around $100 cheaper. I think they'd be better for the kind of music in that video as well.

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I have the white M80s and i can say they sound great, especially with the Fiio E6

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Do the white m80s get dirty and how much the fiio e6 improve it?
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Originally Posted by Zayalor View Post

Do the white m80s get dirty and how much the fiio e6 improve it?


The white on the M80s is more of a cream rather than a straight white.  That does make it harder to get dirty.  I've only had mine for a couple weeks, hasn't gotten dirty yet. 

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M-80 is the better headphone IMO.

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I own and love the V-Moda M-80.  Not a fan of the P5 sound signature.  They do look nice though.

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