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Best IEMs for around $200?

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Looking for IEMs that are durable ( or at least not fragile :) with a balanced sound. Two models I am considering are the Yamaha  EPH-100 or the Monster Turbine Copper Pro.  Music I listen to is mostly rock, with some Ambient and classical thrown in. Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance

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Monster Pro IEMs tend to break pretty often from what I hear. They do have a lifetime warranty but itll still be a hassle to deal with
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thanks- , the $199 price at Amazon made them appealing but that is what I have heard also

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Either the EPH-100 or the Rockit Sounds R-50 (which is a cheaper and better fitting version of the GR01).  Both are balanced and both are very well built but the R-50 has better sound quality, the EPH-100 just has a bit more bass impact but its not as clean sounding as the R-50's bass.

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thanks, hadnt heard of the Rockit- will check it out

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Hey saw your post and decided to put my 2 cents in.  I have the Monster Turbine Pro Gold's and haven't had any real issues with them.  I have had one side blow the speaker however thats because I do play my music rather loud.  IMHO they are very well balanced and from the reviews the coppers don't have as much bass however has a bit wider soundstange.  I've thrown everything from classical to rock to metal to R&B at them and to me, they are awesome.  When I did call the phones in, I sent them in for like $4, had tracking on them, and the turn around time was around 2 weeks or so.  I received a brand new box and all I had to send in was the buds themselves.  Again to me, they are worth it and you get 2 times to call them in regardless of the reason.  I don't think you'll find that with anyone else.  Even if you find something that "may" be more durable, if you break them your done and out of $200.  So one way to look at it is, your getting a $200 product for -$200 lol. Just my thoughts though.

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The Monster Copper are a great sounding IEM and I found them pretty well constructed, and very durable.

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Atomic Floyd Superdarts may be on option. Looks very well built. As for sound quality - lot of listeners admit fantastic presentation.

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thanks for the input- heard that from a friend who owns them

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RE: Best IEMs for around $200?

What do you guys think if the b&w p5?

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Etymotic HF5 or step up to the Etymotic ER-4 series.

Cheers, Jim
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