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Fiio e17 problem

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Hi, just joined here to see if any of you more experienced with audio could help me.


I recently bought a fiio e17/e9 combo but seem to have some issues with getting it to work on windows 7 ultimate.

The e17 is docked with the e9, and from there to a usb port.  Drivers (generic) seem to install and it's recognised in device manager as fiioe17 usb audio dac.


Now the problem.  In devices and printers it shows as unspecified, and in the sound menu it is not there at all, just my sb x-fi.


Has anyone run into the same problem or have any advice?


Thanks for any help you can give.

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That means the driver isn't installed properly by Wondows. Go to device manager and uninstall it, then unplug and replug the E17 in, wait till it installs the driver again.
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or you are having a driver conflict or irq issues.

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Tried all the unistall/unplug/re-install again.


if it's an irq conflict I have no idea how to fix it though. 

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Just to be sure, try it on another PC if you can. Also restart your PC just in case.
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Ok, nothing after reboot, tried it on another machine with the same OS and it did the same thing.


Strangely it works now and again if i use windows xp virtual pc.

Some windows 7 driver problem?  Are there any other drivers I could try maybe?


I took ownership of the windows 7 usbaudio.sys file and replaced it with the xp one, but that was a no go aswell.

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dont they have a customer service dep. ,to give advice ?

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Having the same issue on windows 7 ultimate. It seems to know the e17 is connected but only acknowledges the SPDIF aspect.

UPDATE: I disabled the onboard speakers of my laptop and I saw levels. It's working now but I can't just unplug and switch to laptop speakers automatically.

UPDATE 2: Go into Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Manage Audio Devices, Right Click and select both "show disconnected devices" and "show disabled devices"

Enable everything on the list and set your E17 as default. Now you'll be able to unplug the DAC on the fly and have onboard audio.


Kaziel, let me know if this worked for you or if you found another solution. Best of luck.

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If you connect E17 to PC and it shows it as a 'SPDIF interface' , it is totally normal. It does NOT in anyway means only the SPDIF is working.
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