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If you meant Ultimate Ears TripleFi-10 IEMs, then YES, the L11 will make a difference, but you will need an amp, and the FiiO E11 is the best fit for IEMs.

If you want to know why the L11 and E11 combo is best for IEMs like the UE TripleFi-10...
An iPod's internal amp will get loud enough, but details will get dulled and treble frequencies will be harsh.
A FiiO L11 bypasses the amp to give you a true line-out signal from the iPod's DAC, but you lose the ability to control volume, If you plug headphones directly into the L11's headphone port you will damage your hearing, possibly cause permanent deafness, you will need an amp to control the volume.
A FiiO E11 amp will allow you to control volume.
An E11 amp, at any volume, will help clear a "veil" softness over details, so you will pick up instruments and notes you missed before. It will also improve bass extension and presence, add more "body" to the mids, deepen the soundstage and instrument separation, and overall improve the dynamic "punch" and musicality.
The E11 specifically is a great choice, because it has much less than 1-ohm output impedance and high current output, meaning you shouldn't be able to hear any background hiss and you will still have that distinct sound described above even with the volume turned low, which you will have to do with sensitive earphones like the TripleFi's.