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Few people here on Head-Fi have listened to nor reviewed the Beats (as they are not considered to be headphones, they are mostly just unlistenable bling)

The ATH-A700 is a very good phone in its price range.

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I've never actually heard the  ATH-A700 so I can't comment on that, but I have heard the [insanely overpriced] detox beats. The detox sound very similar to almost all the other beats offerings - way too much bloated, uncontrolled bass with an unsatisfying mid bass 'hump', very weak thin mids and a 'plastic' treble (which are massively overshadowed by the bass) - It would be considered a GOOD headphone if it was priced at about 80-100 euros (some would say less :), and there would be a lot of very happy bassheads out there getting a decent deal - but the fact is there are folks here willing to drop that much cash on a headphone and when it doesn't square up to ANY can at even half that price, nobody here can possibly take it seriously

I'm not a basshead, but if I were I'd go for a Denon d2000.

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How does the Audio Technica ath-A700 compare to the beats by Dr Dre detox edition? Is it better or is it worse? And by how much? And in what aspects do they differ? Can anyone give me a detailed comparison? This is for a friend.


Not many fans of the Dr Dre headphone here (that I've seen).

What is your budget?

What source(s) are the headphones going to be plugged into?

What kind of music does your friend like?

Friend prefer bass? vocals? sound state?

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1) use the search function and read some other threads


2) come back next week

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