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Fake fiio e6?

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I just bought a fiio e6 that I got today from amazon. The product was fulfilled by amazon so I assumed it was not fake. The e6 box looks nothing like the ones I have seen before on youtube. The box says fiio on top but on the bottom instead of saying "E6 headphone amplifier" it says " fujiyama headphone amplifier" and it is blue. also on the back of the actual amplifier it does not say E6, it says fujiyama. Does anyone know if this is fake? I already made a return label but I want to make sure that it is fake. Thank you in advanced!

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does the one you have look like this

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Thanks for the response, Exactly like that! so is that their new look? so they are not fake? Again thank you for replying.

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It is possible that they might have renamed the amp for some reason. 


But if its on the above website then there is no way it can be a fake. are a highly recommended seller here in Australia. 


I myself have ordered audio gear from them. 


So you can relax. o2smile.gif

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Thanks for the response, At first I was mad and disappointed since I have never seen a fiio e6 like this but I messaged fiio and they said they have new names for the amps, fujiyama is the E6 and there are others for the E11 etc. Again, thank you!

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