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There is a mod to give then more bass, look around.
Originally Posted by mamadsa View Post

Hi guys
I bought a 439's at last and have some little problem with bass....I read a lot of reviews in headfi or diffrent places and thus of my searching this problem proper with AMP or apple product(ipad.ipod or...)...!!!
I dont know it's realy or not?!?!

I have a sony walkman and when i use it I feeling something is not on own place....maybe for bass response or something else ...!!!!!

before i had bought 439,i have a pionner Se-mj31 ( that's awesome) but its broken and when i use it with that walkman the pionner's getting alive..! but on this headphone don't make strong bass or strong sound!! The 439 have pretty good sound quality but i listtenig to the electronic music and this genre of music want extended bass response!!!
what am i doing for make it the same of my little babe(pionner) "strong base response" ?!?!

Some forum wrote " it's okay after burn-in (~20hours) listening or play pink noise ( whats pink noise?!?! 

plz some body help me....i realy wnat getting out of this trouble!!!!

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Do you really need an amp to get a better SQ for this cans?

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not really for me, although it may help if you have it amped

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Yeah amping isn't necessary, they sound great out ofy Nexus 4, but they are harder to drive than some portables/IEMs so an amp might help if your source has low output volume. My E11 improves its dynamics and maybe soundstage a bit, but doesn't really do a whole lot to the overall sound; I probably wouldn't notice the difference in an A/B. An amp is definitely not necessary, as long as your source gives them enough volume for your taste.
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any owner should consider the bass mod on these. lifts up soundquality to another level.

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Originally Posted by sofastreamer View Post

any owner should consider the bass mod on these. lifts up soundquality to another level.

What if we don't want more bass?
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buy a hd449 biggrin.gif

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But what if we like the quantity on the 439 and want a replaceable cable :-P
Originally Posted by sofastreamer View Post

buy a hd449 biggrin.gif
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No, with the hd449 you Will have more problems with the bass. Do the hd439 holes mode
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*shrug* I don't have any serious problems with the stock HD439, it could isolate more and the bass could be a bit tighter but overall I really like it.
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imaging could be a bit more precise also

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So which provides better SQ and isolation, HD 449 or 439?

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Unmodded, the 449 provides much better sound quality (better highs and better soundstage) which is quite evident.

However, if you mod them, the 439 becomes a much better product, depending on the mod. The 449 mod becomes quite tricky, as this set does give a harsh feeling compared to the 439 which does have warmer sound before and after the mod. So, modding the 449 can be quite dificult, though they also can provide perfect results. You just have to find the right balance between bass and highs.


If you clearly need bass and plenty of it, you go for the 439 and mod them with all 3 holes wide open (easies mod, just strip out the tape). But if you dont want bass and prefer the highs, go for the 449 and just leave them unmodded. Also, trying leaving all 3 holes open in the 449 give a quite muffled sound with exagerated bass and soundstage. This is not the case with 439 which keep the sound quite balanced (with the 3 holes mod). There are of course other hole combination mods (usually people leave only 1 hole open).


Also, both those cans are closed. The 449 gives a bit more isolation, due to the pleather in the pads. Otherwise, they are the same as far as isolation is, which is average. Both cans are comfortable, though a bit hot after time, especially the 449 (pleather vs velour in 439). My impression is they can give powerfull bass (especially if modded, they give MASSIVE bass and the sound remains clean) but they suffer in breathing contrary to open cans.


It all depends on what you need.

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I'm listening to progressive rock like Rush, Dream Theater so I don't want bass but want detail.

I would go for 449 because of what you are saying but I want my headphones to last longer.

I'm in a dead end lol. 449 is supposed to be better but has no removable cable, what a shame Sennheiser.

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Hi guys, I got these yesterday after a lot of deliberation (I was actually so tempted to get the 449 because they're exactly the same price here, but glimpsed 2 posts around these forums saying the 439 was the "cream of the crop" and that the 449's lacked bass).


I like the impact of bass, instrumental hip-hop beats, any EDM music,m but also the drums in rock music as well.


When I first got these I found them really weird. I've been using Steelseries Siberia V2's for over a year, and while the 439's bass had more 'impact', every other detail sounded more tinny than what I am used to. I kept swapping the headphones over on tracks and preferring my existing Steelseries.

This lead me to have another play with my sound card equalizer settings and...wow. Any audophiles on here will probably say I've committed a terrible crime against sound but this equalizer setting is amazing bass-wise. I suppose I now understand why the word 'warm' is used to describe bass.



So now that that EQ setting, the HD439's beat my Steelseries. The Steelseries improves with it as well, but the bass is not as punchy and I can tell there is some detail missing with it. 


Now, about the bass mod... that sounds interesting, but how reversible is it if I don't like it? And what exactly do I do, I hear some people say to remove some tape, others to what, punch holes in the tape?



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