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I am looking for more comfortable headphones.  Despite my best efforts, I find I can't wear headphones for very long.  The only ones I seem to tolerate are some Sennheiser wireless I use for TV watching in the bedroom when the wife is asleep.  


I have HD-600's and find them too warm to wear for very long, and they tend to have a clamp like affect on my big head.  I need to find some very comfortable sealed headphones to use for studio monitoring.  Can anyone recommend something?  I think I would like something with some soft, possibly liquid filled surrounds.   Price below $500.  Can anyone recommend something?  Have to be SEALED.


thanks for your input



Have you considered IEMs? They're very comfortable. Some stage monitor IEMs get a lot of praise, even as cheap as $160 (VSonic GR07) and are quite amazing to outperform my more expensive models.