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Bass Headphones Help! (About $150 budget)

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Hey everyone! I just signed up for an account here because the reviews on this site seem wonderfully helpful and I hope the community can help me out here.


I've been a very low budget headphone user for a while (the most I've ever spent on cans was about $50) and my current set are the Sony XB-300's. They impress me still so you could probably tell I'm not an audiophile as of yet. 


I'm about to get a good sum of money and I've been trying to see what I should go with. I'm willing to spend up to $150 currently. Honestly, I'm a bit of a basshead, and I'll admit it fully, but I also have to have a good soundstage and clarity in phones. One of my favorite genres is classical/orchestral music, and the amount of layering in the songs requires a good set of cans to hear everything fully. Here is my shortlist so far, but bear in mind I'm very open minded about this, and I have about 3 weeks to make a decision anyways, since that's when I get the money.



Sony XB-500

Sony XB-700 (logical steps forward bearing in mind my current set.

Audio-Technica M50

Audio-Technica WS55

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks (Just heard about these, not too familiar.


Again, my list is very small currently. I'm still looking around, and I know some of the best phones are not always the most mainstream. Yes, I'm referring to you, Beats. :)


Anyways, please help me out if you can. I listen to a lot of Rock, Dubstep, and Electronica but just as much Orchestral, Acoustic and calm music as well.


Thanks Everyone!



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The Ultrasone HFI-580 are quite nice. $114 on amazon shipped, you could get a cheap Fiio amp too with the leftover cash.

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Either the HFI version or the PRO 550's which have a more airy presentation and smoother bass. 

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If you are going to purchase an amp you might be tempted by the FiiO E5 or E6. 

If you are willing to spend a little more cash, the E11 is a major improvement over the E6 while only costing 25-40 dollars more.

+1 For the Ultrasone 580s

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If you are a bit of a basshead the M-50's aren't going to get you there. I know because I am too and they left me wanting.. They are punchy but not bassy... at least not in my book.


I would say the Ultrasone HIFI 580 or 780 are going to give you A. all the bass you could want. B. a decent overall sound signature.... and C. stay at your budget. I personally think the HFI 780s are the second best cans in their line up... with the Pro900 being tops. The 580's are good but the sound pressure seemed a bit high and were fatiguing when I tried them... I couldn't keep them on my head for very long without taking breaks


Other Bass Cans to consider:


Audio Technica Pro700 Mark 2 (Ridiculous Bass = Beats on Steroids)

Aiaiai TMA-1 = Tuned for electronic

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