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Bass Headphones Help! (About $150 budget)

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Hey everyone! I just signed up for an account here because the reviews on this site seem wonderfully helpful and I hope the community can help me out here.


I've been a very low budget headphone user for a while (the most I've ever spent on cans was about $50) and my current set are the Sony XB-300's. They impress me still so you could probably tell I'm not an audiophile as of yet. 


I'm about to get a good sum of money and I've been trying to see what I should go with. I'm willing to spend up to $150 currently. Honestly, I'm a bit of a basshead, and I'll admit it fully, but I also have to have a good soundstage and clarity in phones. One of my favorite genres is classical/orchestral music, and the amount of layering in the songs requires a good set of cans to hear everything fully. Here is my shortlist so far, but bear in mind I'm very open minded about this, and I have about 3 weeks to make a decision anyways, since that's when I get the money.



Sony XB-500

Sony XB-700 (logical steps forward bearing in mind my current set.

Audio-Technica M50

Audio-Technica WS55

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks (Just heard about these, not too familiar.


Again, my list is very small currently. I'm still looking around, and I know some of the best phones are not always the most mainstream. Yes, I'm referring to you, Beats. :)


Anyways, please help me out if you can. I listen to a lot of Rock, Dubstep, and Electronica but just as much Orchestral, Acoustic and calm music as well.


Thanks Everyone!



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The Ultrasone HFI-580 are quite nice. $114 on amazon shipped, you could get a cheap Fiio amp too with the leftover cash.

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Either the HFI version or the PRO 550's which have a more airy presentation and smoother bass. 

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If you are going to purchase an amp you might be tempted by the FiiO E5 or E6. 

If you are willing to spend a little more cash, the E11 is a major improvement over the E6 while only costing 25-40 dollars more.

+1 For the Ultrasone 580s

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If you are a bit of a basshead the M-50's aren't going to get you there. I know because I am too and they left me wanting.. They are punchy but not bassy... at least not in my book.


I would say the Ultrasone HIFI 580 or 780 are going to give you A. all the bass you could want. B. a decent overall sound signature.... and C. stay at your budget. I personally think the HFI 780s are the second best cans in their line up... with the Pro900 being tops. The 580's are good but the sound pressure seemed a bit high and were fatiguing when I tried them... I couldn't keep them on my head for very long without taking breaks


Other Bass Cans to consider:


Audio Technica Pro700 Mark 2 (Ridiculous Bass = Beats on Steroids)

Aiaiai TMA-1 = Tuned for electronic

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To those with the Ultrasone's: Does the bass really compare to that of Sony's XB series?

According to a few headroom charts no other headphone really comes close in delivering that amount of bass while still being decent in the mids and treble. Plus the pads on these things (xb500) are so damn comfy!


I was tempted to go for the ATH-PRO700MK2's but I doubt they have as much impact as the XB's.

If you've already tasted the XB series and enjoy it, I'd stay with it and maybe upgrade to the 500's. If someone begs to differ, please-go ahead, I've only owned the xb500s so thats all I can speak on.


As far as classical/orchestral/acoustic EQing may be beneficial. As a standard, "Maid with the flaxen hair" or "John Mayer/Jack Johnson", both sound pretty well and the XB500s made it feel... warm. Yes, it wasn't as high or bright and that may seem like a loss of clarity, or IS, but you gain a sense of depth in return. Again, eq may be a good tool to have.

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