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Radiohead - Camden, New Jersey 06/13/12

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I saw Radiohead last night in Camden, New Jersey. They are an absolutely incredible band. I was in the pit and the view was great. It was almost like being in the show. I experienced such sensory overload that I didn't realize that they did "There, There" until I looked at the setlist below after the show. I saw them on the "In Rainbows" tour from a different vantage point further away from the stage. The show was great in both cases. I knew what to expect from Thom Yorke, and he was right on it last night. IMHO he has the  best voice in rock music. His stage prescence is right up there with Bowie, Plant, and Jaggger. From the vantage point that I had, however, I was particularly impressed with Johnny Greenwood. He is great. I'm a long time fan of Radiohead, but I think that I have underestimated his contribution to the total Radiohead sound. He's more than a songwriter and lead guitar player, he is a freakin' sonic architect. I love the way he occasionally hugs his Tele with both arms! I would have substituted a couple of songs that I like better than a couple that they did, but isn't that the way it always is when a band has a deep catalog of great songs like Radiohead? Those of you that are going to see them in Canada and Europe, brace yourself, especially if you haven't seen them before. They are a truly great band, they're great musicians, and they are into it fully!!! Camden, New Jersey 06/13/12 setlist below...


Bloom / There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere)  / Kid A / Morning Mr. Magpie / The Gloaming (Softly Open Our Mouths In The Cold) / Separator / Lucky / Like Spinning Plates / Identikit / 15 Step / Nude / Lotus Flower / Paranoid Android / Feral / Little by Little / Idioteque


First encore: Give Up The Ghost / Staircase / I Might Be Wrong / Bodysnatchers


Second encore: House of Cards / Reckoner / Everything In Its Right Place (True Love Waits intro)

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Man, I just heard that there was a stage collapse this afternoon prior to the Radiohead concert in Toronto. One person was killed and another was seriously injured...



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Wow! That's sad. These stage collapse incidents keep happening over and over. frown.gif

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