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Headset with mic under 100$

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I know that almost invariably any headset with a mic tends to be overpriced and more importantly over hyped.

The issue is, I'm looking for a set of headphones for someone else and honestly I'm hoping there is something out there that would be ideal.

Keeping the story as short as possible, I do a lot of online gaming and one of my friends has a really, really bad set of headphones. I mean he has to actually play sound over his monitor speakers just so he can hear what we are saying vs. the game. The problem with this is anytime someone says something, it goes like this, "HI (hi), What's up? (what's up?)" and it gets really annoying, really fast. The headphones he has came with a tape recorder back in the day.. I suspect they are for audiobooks more than anything else.

If anyone can suggest a headset that has a decent sound stage, and doesn't make everything sound monotone, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or if you are determined to suggest a separate headset + mic at least try to keep it under 100$.

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If you are not limited to USB headsets then you can consider sticking a desktop microphone (those cheap ones) to a sub-$100 headphone. I've done that with success, taking the idea from LFF.

Naturally it won't come with all the 'technological advancements' in modern USB headsets but at least you can remove the mic and clear wire clutter when using it simply for music.

Not the prettiest but perhaps the more economical way to enjoy gaming with your favorite headphone.
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