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Comfort of the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II

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I have almost decided to purchase the HD 25-1 II.  My only hesitation is the comfort level.  I previously returned the ATH-M50s because they clamped too tight to my ears (and I also did not like the feeling of the over the ear seal that made my ears sweat).  I am looking for a decent pair of headphones < $200 that do not feel like a vice grip on my ears.  I like the feeling where you forget you are wearing the headphones.


However many reviews of the HD 25-1 II talk about the split head band being good for DJs because it creates a tight grip on the ears. Can this be adjusted or are the HD 25-1 II a bad choice for me?  Also how would people rate the bass on these?  I know they are not considered "bass cans" but do the find them pretty good for bass if I listen to a lot of classic and modern rock (Aerosmith, GNR, Nickelback, etc.) while sometimes listening to the modern stuff (Pitbull, etc.).


Any other recommendations?

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Hum, I won't recommend them for classical, because they do not sound clean enough, and also the narrow soundstage . Otherwise they would handle modern music like pitbull fine.
Oh, regarding comfort, it's hard to do worse imho.

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HD 25-1 II are not bass heavy? If so, then I own a very special one. I use them with portable amp, Go-Vibe Magnum and reduce the low end and top end using EQ on my iAudio player to minimal level.


They are not the most comfy out there, but they are very good closed back's, especially with noise cancelling, best out there if you travel by train or just public transport, imo


I listen to differ kind of music, no probs, just use EQ and portable amp to get the best out of them.

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Would I do better with a V-MODA M-80 or Grado SR-80?

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Originally Posted by livngston View Post

Would I do better with a V-MODA M-80 or Grado SR-80?

The grados are open and don't offer isolation, in case you don't know. Also, people are often complaining with comfort regarding grados.


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i cant wear senn hd25-1 for really long periods of time. the pressure on my anti-helix is just too much. i have to sell them because of that, unfortunate because they sound awesome. 

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I have not listen to ATH-M50 for a long time, but my impression was that M50 is MUCH more comfortable than my HD 25-1 II. In fact, I found M50 even more comfortable than my Sennheiser HD580 (which is considered the comfort champion). HD25 clamps so hard it feels like they are going to push my ears into my brain. 

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While there are tons of headphones that are more comfortable, I can wear the Hd 25-1 II's for quite a while.  I think most people adjust the headphones way too tight without knowing.  


1. With the split headband closed, adjust the cups to the level where you get the least amount of clamp for your head size.

2. Slowly open the headband to the desired clamp force for your needs.


If you're not moving around a lot or banging your head like a madman, you don't need them that tight.  The seal isn't as great but you can still enjoy the music.  You can also stretch the headband a bit before using them.  They eventually start to tighten up , but this gives you a bit of leeway.

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Here's my first headfi post.

I found the hd25s to be tight when i first bought them a year ago but the headband is very accommodating and will stretch out to fit your head very comfortably over time. I find that i can wear them for hours now. the isolation is great and i don't really have sweat issues (short to medium hair seems to help). I have the synthetic leather pads on because i find they isolate better and give the phones a tighter bass sound. I found the velour pads mitigated the clamp force and were really comfy at first but they made my ears hot and reduced some of the bass presence in my opinion.

In terms of sound, the bass is powerful without being overbearing. its tight and I find it can keep pace with faster music like rock. at the same time its punchy and that really helps me identify the beat when i'm djing.

Just bought another pair for my friend on his birthday. can't wait to give them to him!

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