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Rockit R-50 IEM Foam tips?

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Hey gang,


I essentially always need foam tips for IEMs... I have big honkin ears and I need something that expands to keep them in place/get a good seal.


Can anyone link me to or give me good search terms for tracking down foam tips that will work with these?  I really like Comply products with the little wax screen built in (a la TX-400).  Thanks!

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Comply has tips of many different inner diameter t fit all kinds of phones... have you checked their website's guide for your model?
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Yep.  No listing.  There is no diameter info on the site or the packaging.  

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Could you post some pics of the tube of the earbud?  Frome pics I find online (can't see the tube clearly) I'd hazard a guess that they would fit Tx-200.


Or just get out a ruler and measure the diameter of the tube.

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looks like about 3mm to 3.5 - depends on where I measure it.  There is a little retention band about 2/3 of the way up the post where it is a little fatter.

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I'd just give Comply Foam a call.

They are very helpful.

Good Luck, Jim

PS With yer big honkers, you might also want to look at the longer P Series Foams...
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