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Ultimate mix of comfort and bass for under £200

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Dear Head-Fi'ers. 


This is yet another thread where a person asks for help in deciding which headphones he should purchase. I'm well aware that there are thousands of threads that are very similar to mine but unfortunately, none of the more recent ones seem to fit my case so being a badass, I decided to create one myself.


I don't have extensive experience with quality headphones or IEM's (but I do guess that its a bit more than average Joe) but recently I was lured into buying the RX900's. And they are wonderful. They really are but the issue with them is that they hurt my ear quite a bit. This is because I have a stretched ear (at 16mm) and since the cushion doesn't fully surround your ear, it puts pressure on the tunnel and in turn, I can't use the headphones for more than a few minutes without pain. And because of this, I've decided that I'll go ahead and sell them. 


My budget has also seen a quite a bit increase since the last time I was looking for cans and this time around I can afford to buy something under £200 (which is 300$ according to xe.com). Here is my general criteria:


  • They have to cup around your ears and be comfortable (I don't really care about their size as these will only be used at home so even if I do look like a complete doofus, it doesn't really matter).
  • Crazy, extreme, 1337 bass. The more bass, the better (I'm a pretty standard consumer, I guess since while obviously I would like to experience good overall sound, bass is by far the most important. I also realised that tight and punchy bass is the best rather than a huge amount of loose (or muddy) bass.)
  • The vast majority of time I listen to EDM. Mostly, Electro House (Revolvr, Bloody Beetrots, Justice, Far Too Loud, Dirty Loud, Dada Life etc), Disco House (Madeon, Louis La Roche) and Drum 'n' Bass/Neurofunk (Spor, Evol Intent, Apex etc). There's also a bit of alternative from time to time but really, I would like to get cans suited for EDM as that is the real priority. This kind of also ties in with bass as all of these genres (apart from Disco House which I do listen to a lesser extent) are really bass dependent.
  • Cost under £200. I could probably stretch a few quid here and there (for something unbelievably awesome) but generally, I don't even want to spend £200 as such. It's just because I would rather invest in something that last me a good few years and that I'm happy with. 
  • Does not require an amp to get the full power/experience. I'm not an audiophile enough to spend another £200 on an amp so take it mind that the cans will be powered of an integrated soundcard (for now but soon-ish, I will upgrade to something decent).


I'm really leaning towards DT 770/880's as I've always wanted to give them a go and if I remember correctly, the 770's (in particular) have always been considered to be super bassy. 

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Hope this helps.  



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Yeah any of the 770s would fit your needs quite well and they're *extremely* comfortable even for many-hour, daily use. The only thing I would mention is that most people feel like they don't sound their best without an amp but my guess is you would be happy with any of the 32/80/250 ohm 770s, even without an amp. And down the road you can improve the sound further by adding a DAC/sound card and amp.

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BTW there are several low-cost portable amps that a lot of the ppl around here are pretty happy with. Fiio sells several that are very affordable (E5/E11/E10/E17). You should be able to find a 770 Pro + Fiio E10/E11 for under $300.


I have the DT 770 Premium 600 ohm and I love them for electronic music (among many other genres).

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I would second the dt770's. Great hp and a good overall choice...

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NP!  The bass head forum is a good place to start.  Lots of phones to look into and music posted to listen too.  

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Why not XB500's ! :D

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Ultrasone PRO900

Denon D2000/D5000

Beyer DT770

M-Audio Q40


I would look for those, used/refurb included to get it within price needs.


Very best,

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Originally Posted by feigeibomber View Post

Why not XB500's ! :D

Theres a bass head thread with all of this with this link:



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Denon d2000, with some mod if you'd like.

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