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For Sale: LCD-2 R1

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For Sale:
LCD-2 R1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

It's got the old foam headband. It's in pretty good condition, as you might know, all Audeze headphones are still within warranty and they are known for having the best warranty in the business, replacing drivers for free with uppraded ones. I don't smoke, drink, or party with these headphones on. No pets either. I listen with moderate volume and I turn my amps off whenever I'm not listening to avoid any "wear" that way too.


The previous owner(s) have removed the felt from the inside of the box for whatever reason. I use it to store cable stuff. It's in good condition, has some scuffs on the top, so it's not mint.


These cans also come with a pair of my silver cables sleeved in black MDPC-X brand sleeving, a Viablue SC2 Y-splitter, and terminated to a Double Helix 1/4" termination. I will warranty any problems you have with this cable down the line as an included bonus. I do not have the stock cable.


I ship pretty much anywhere as long as you cover shipping and liability.


I'm selling these because I want a Denon D7000 or Ultrasone Edition 8.


Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to PM me. I've sold plenty of gear here over the years, including high end cans. The price includes CONUS shipping.

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Looking for a set of D7000's I'm willing to straight trade for or RS-1 plus cash. 

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U say that they are in  pretty good condition but at


from where u bought the phones says the opposite thing . 


So your description is misleading.

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If you don't think they're in good condition, then you don't have to buy them. I'm not going to play "salesman" to anybody trying to nickel and dime me.


To be honest I hardly even read that listing before I bought these and I certainly didn't try to get him to negotiate to down to $500 for a pair of LCD-2's then proceed to post in the thread if he declined my offer. I didn't find them disappointing at all when I got them.


I would say that they're in pretty good condition considering that there are new pads and a new cable on them since I acquired them and that I don't even own my headphones long enough to put any real wear on them.

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