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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Denon AH-D1100?

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Hello! So I am brand new to the area of high-quality headphones and need people with more knowledge on the topic than me to make some decisions for me. :)


I've been doing a lot of research over the past few weeks and am currently looking at the Audio-Technica ATH-M50's or Denon AH-D1100's. I can't decide which ones I want!

My budget is right around 200 dollars.  I mainly listen to dubstep, electronic, and pop (as demonstrated by my avatar ;) ).  However, I also listen to hip-hop/rap, classical, jazz, and rock, and a few other genres. 


I heard that the Denon's pack a really punchy in your face bass without distortion.  However, they do lose some mid-tones.  This makes me concerned that I wouldn't get the best sound with my non-dance genres.  Especially with my contemporary music that completely relies on vocals.  


The Technica's, I've read, have a very flat and precise sound that is good for a wide range of music.  But I'm a little concerned that the bass won't be poppy enough, because I do like bass.  


So I guess I want someone to help me and my ignorance haha.  I've currently been using Skullycandy earbuds, so these are definitely a big step up for me.  I'm not sure which of the two I want because I'm blind to how both of them will sound.  Am I going to want the denon's heavier bass or the Technica's balanced sound coming a positive experience with skullcandy's?


Finally, would someone be able to describe the difference in sound between earphones and headphones?  I've never owned a high quality pair of headphones before.  


Thank you!

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the m50s have more "forward" sounding midrange than the d1100, if not being compared by a more "recessed" midrange (not forward), the m50 still has that recessed midrange, its just that the m50's midrange is being compared with a headphone that has more recessed midrange.


i also find that the treble of the m50 has more sparkle and detail than the d1100. and the bass is more tight and accurate (bass is more clear for the lack of better newbish term).


sound quality wise, id say go for the m50. but for looks + comfort + sound, even though the m50 is better in the sound department, i'd go with the d1100.


as for comparing the sound with earphones/iems and headphones, maybe the pro guys can help that with you. i am a headphone guy ehe...

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ATH-M50 over the D1100 any day. The D1100 is not a bad hp (and is much more comfortable), however the mids were too recessed/distant for me to be able to connect to the music.


Another good headphone option is the V-MODA M-80. They have big sound for a small portable, isolate fairly well, and are more balanced across the board to my ears.

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Thank you for the responses guys. smily_headphones1.gif. I've almost decided to go for the m50's. I'll probably order them in a week or so.

Just one more question, though. Obviously, coming from someone owning Skullcandy earphones, I'm used to an artificial overly-expressive bass. From reading, I've gathered that the m50's provide a more natural sound, focused more on bass precision rather than an expressive pounding bass (for lack of better words). Will the jump to these headphones be underwhelming on the bass coming from my perspective? Especially on my dubstep songs? It's hard to gather how heavy the bass is from reviews because everyone has a different definition as to what a good bass is.
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Used to own skullcandy hesh and IMO everything about the M50 was an upgrade. While the Hesh has slightly more bass quantity, I didn't feel like it was a huge stretch (it depends on how much bass you're after - there are other good quality headphones that offer more bass than the M50s and I found the bass on the M50) to be of much better quality. I don't find it lacking IMO.
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Thanks for the advice! My m50's came in the mail today. I freaked out because it arrived 5 days earlier than amazon was telling me it would. Definitely happy about the purchase.

Quality is a big step up for me. I'm hearing things in songs that I've never heard before, and I have a critical ear (even though I suppose 99% of this forum does, too). I've never owned headphones that had a nice treble before, so it blew me away. The hushed midtones everyone was talking about didn't even phase me, probably because my Skullcandy Titan earbuds had an even worse representation of midtones. Can't miss what you've never had wink.gif. They appear to be soundly built, and fairly comfortable. My only two complaints are that the band thingy that goes over your head squares off at the top for some unkown reason. Who knows why they designed it like that, but it digs into your head after a few hours of use. They also clamp down on your head a little hard, but I heard that the problem usually goes away after a few months of use.

The only problem I had with audio was the bass quantity. Bass was controlled, but it felt lacking. Probably because I was spoiled with Skullcandy's over dramatic bass. Also note that I am currently un-amped. However, I fiddled with the eq and a few hours later I an enjoying the flatter sound of the headphones. I just needed some time to adjust, I guess I ago have to say that I am enjoying headphones a lot more than my earbuds. A lot more comfortable, I was blown away upon hearing a soundstage the first time, and a lot more open/natural/grand sounding.

So anyways, just wanted to thank you guys smily_headphones1.gif. Sorry about ressurecting this thread (especially with a third post), but I had to talk about these somewhere haha.
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Congrats!!! Hope you enjoy them. To this day I I still have a deep appreciation for mine and consider them one of the best HPs in the price range and slightly above.
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If you want them to really open up get a O2/ODAC Amp, DAC....   they will sound very good...  you will want to play every song you have because they will sound so much better than the last time you heard them..

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Now that the D1100 have come down in price, being cheaper than M50, its a no-brainer. I find the D1100 have a lower bass extension and bigger soundstage. They are under £70 inc shipping which is an absolute bargain.
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