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7th Calgary meeting, August 2012

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Lets come join the 7th Head phones Meeting in Calgary!!!


Please send me PM if you interest in coming in,

also let me know what kind of gears are you going to bring with you.


I think we should start using this!


1) Where?



It is going to be at university of Calgary


Education block building 152

if you cant find it, please use this link and do the search



need some input from you guys ,

University 's parking is around 5 dollars per entry on sunday.




2) When?



August 2012 19th Sunday offical noon to 5 PM, but i will be at the location around 11:15-30AM


3) How many people?


PLZ PM me if you interest in coming in.

I will message to people who came to the last meeting before and people who showed interest but couldn't make it.!!


PLZ PM me if you interest in coming in.

I will message to people who came to the last meeting before and people who showed interest but couldn't make it.!!

1: furyagain

2: rezolver

3: clem24

4: alphones

5: 2000impreza

6: dmacg

7: mrcasey

8: JakeHT

9: macmicmo

10: Wingstrike

11: James from Absolute Audio in Calgary.

12: nailbunny7

14: JonJeffman


16: tamahome77










Plz pm if you interest in joining us.!!!!!



Gears that we should have in the meeting




Audeze : LCD-3, LCD-2 rev2, LCD-2 rev2 bamboo


Beyerdynamic: T1,T5P

Denon: DN-HP700, D2000

Grado: PS-1000, RS1i, Symphones Magnum V4, PS500, SR-80i, 225i, HP2

Sennhsiser:HD-800, HD-700

Shure: 940,1440

Fortex : T50RP ( Modded)

Audio Technical M50 ( Modded), M50

HiFiman: HE-500,HE-400

Ultrasone ED8


Audeo Perfect Fit 112 B/A earphones



Yulong D18, Yulong D100 MkII

Audio-gd: reference 5, Reference 5.2,NFB-3

Fiio E10, E17

Calyx Coffee

Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube DAC

Wyred4Sound DAC2



Yulong A18

Audio-gd: ROC sa

Violectric: V200


Fiio E10,11


Little Dot II+, IV SE

Schiit Valhalla


Portable players


Head-direct: HM-601




CD/Sacd player


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And not a day too soon :)


Come mid July I will have a better idea of what gear to haul down.  These are my to do's before the meet:


1. Balance the D7000's

2. Balance and duel entry the T50RP's

3. Balance and restore the K240M 600-ohms

4. Audio-gd Reference 5.2 is incoming and should be burnt in by then

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I'm fine with paying for parking. Where at the UofC are we going?

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I vote for Education Block. If the Social Sciences classroom was designed for 14 people, then it'll have enough room for around 14 desks and chairs. We already have 11, so I think EDC will have a lot more room for gears and people.

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My AKG K550 is coming in,

should arrive this friday!!

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location is confirmed.

AT university of Calgary


Education block building 152

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Well, I'm excited! Here's the gear I will be hauling down;


DAC: Audio-gd Reference 5.2

AMP: Audio-gd ROC SA

CANS: HiFiMAN HE-500, Grado RS1i, Fostex T50RP (to compare to Roland's modded one's)


The D7000's are conditionally sold and are no longer part of my headphone carousel.


Look to see you all there!

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Hoping someone can bring along a pair of PSB M4U 2...

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hopefully i will have my heir audio's for the next meet..... ;)

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I am going to be there around 11:00AM, and get something ready,

forexample ,, cleaning some table abit.


hehe just incase if anyone want to help, feel free to come in early like 11:15 am or so.


I need to go buy a cart to move my gears.

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Thanks again Colin for a great meet! It was nice seeing familiar faces again as well as seeing new ones. 

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