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For Sale: TTVJ Slim Dac/Amp

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For Sale:
TTVJ Slim Dac/Amp

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a TTVJ Slim Dac/Amp in excellent condition. S/N: CB258, Date of Manufacture: 9/2011. I received the amp today from a fellow head-fier, but just don't find that it goes well with my IEM of choice. Included with the amp/dac is a lowenpro wrap, mini to mini connector, and a USB charging cable. Price includes Paypal fee's and shipping via USPS. If buyer is located outside of the US, they will cover the extra shipping costs. If you have any question's feel free to ask!

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What did you dislike about this unit?  Also, what means of payment would you accept?

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I am writing re: the headphone amp.  Was there a particular dislike with the unit? 

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I actually like the headphone amp on the IEM's it works on, but it doesn't match up very well with many of the IEMS I currently own. It's on the warm side, so it doesn't pair well with IEM's that are already warm. I will accept Paypal as a payment method.


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Hi,  I would like to purchase the headphone amp.  Can we email to arrange?

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Sure. My email is guizan@inbox.com

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I would like to arrange for the purchase of the headphone amp.  I look forward to hearing from you on how to complete the transaction.  Thanks.  Bill O 

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My email server is down.  I won't be able to access my work email until Tuesday morning.  Can you hold the amp until then so that we can make arrangements?  I would appreciate it.  Thanks.  Bill O.

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I sent a private reply to you this morning.  The money order has been sent to you.  See my message for the details.  Thanks.  B. Olsen.

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