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The Audioquest DragonFly has landed!

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The Audioquest DragonFly has landed on our shelves. http://www.thecableco.com/Product/DragonFly-USB-DAC


The Audioquest DragonFly ($249) is a flash drive-sized asynchronous 24-Bit/96kHz Digital-Audio Converter (aka, “DAC”) that connects to a USB jack on a Mac® or Windows® PC, bypassing the computer’s internal sound card. This allows any computer to deliver sound quality that’s vastly superior to what would be heard from the computer by itself.

The DragonFly, using its 64-position analog volume control, can drive headphones and In Ear Monitors, as well as powered speakers or a power amplifier. In “fixed” output mode, DragonFly behaves like a traditional DAC. DragonFly employs a sophisticated “asynchronous” USB audio data transfer protocol that dramatically reduces digital timing errors. A smart LED indicator shows the resolution of the incoming signal. DragonFly accepts audio and music files from MP3s all the way up to native high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz.

A 24/96 asynchronous D/A Converter, a Headphone Amplifier, as well as a Line Level output, all the size of a USB Flash Drive - amazing! It may not be a Berkeley Alpha DAC  (sold by our Ultra Systems http://ultrasystem.com/ultrasysaboutus.html#Retail  affiliate) , but at $249 the DragonFly shatters the previous price/performance paradigm. Now in stock for quick delivery. Call 800-328-9973

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A quick update.


The word from the early adopters is that the DragonFly is a great DAC and Headphone AMP. "Transparent and musically involving."


We have blown through our sizable initial allotment. We have four (4) left on the shelf as of this writing. More are scheduled to arrive next month.

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A further quick update -


We've received our 2nd allotment of super cool DragonFly's


In Stock for quick shipping.

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