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HI All,


We are ecstatic to announce the new Audioquest Dragonfly! The very cool new miniature USB DAC is now available for preorder from TTVJ! We are expecting to receive stock of them in the next 2-3 weeks. Order now and get in line for the exciting and great sounding new product!






The Audioquest Dragonfly for the amazingly low price of $249!


And Burson has announced a great new product - the Burson Soloist headphone amp/preamplifier! The Soloist will start shipping sometime in July. Preorder now!





The Burson Soloist is $960!


And PSB has now entered the headphone world. PSB has long been known for their excellent speakers and their great sound at reasonable prices and now they take their speaker building skills into the realm of headphones. Their first step is a new noise cancelling headphone - the PSB M4U-2.




The PSB M4U-2 is $399.95.


In other news, the Bryston BHA-1 has begun to ship. We should have all of our orders filled soon and we will have more units available - please order now and get one of these very fine balanced headphone amps!


The Fostex HP-A8 is coming in this next week so if you want one order now as there is VERY limited stock!


The Sennheiser HD700 is also in stock and shipping. This headphone is pretty darn good and we like it. It is a bit more musical than the HD800 with more bottom end!


We are stocked up on the best headphones. Order online or give us a call. We appreciate all of your business and look forward to serving you!!!