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JH Audio JH-3A and iPhone

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Hello, I just got the JH Audio JH-3A Amp for my JH16 and find the sound quality to be not very good and the volume is lower than connecting the JH16 directly to the iPhone. 


I also tried the USB connection to use it directly with a Mac Laptop and had the same results. The JH16 directly connected to the Mac produce better sound and more volume than the JH16 / JH-3A combination which distorts after turning the volume up. 


Anyone having the same issues? What is the preferred cable / method to connect the iPhone to the JH-3A? 

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I though the iems needed to be modified to be used with the JH-3A and wouldn't work without it ?

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Well, I ordered the JH16's with the amp and the optional cable to use the JH16 with any source. The amp arrived yesterday and I have been testing it since. 

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Still having issues, Jdevesa? Do you still find the 16s perform better *without* the 3A? If this is still the case, you are right to think it strange! Have you contacted JHAudio for advice at all? As you suspect, it may be a matter of cabling - how are you connecting the 3A to your iphone and mac?

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