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Need new IEM advice

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Hi guys, new to the forums, just wanted to get some info on IEM brands and what you think would be best for my needs


I listen to rock, techno, hip-hop, R&B, alternative, indie, way-out-there music, and just about every other genre except country in my music collection.


I've owned V-moda vibe earbuds (broke 3 or 4 pairs), sony (overrated), skullcandy (yea I went there), Shure E4c's (great but died), and most recently Etymotic HF3's (great, but lost them)


I need a new pair of IEM's but I want them to be almost to the accuracy of the etymotics, but with a bit more bass to them. I liked the crispness of the etymotics but they were just a little lacking in the bass department.


Any recommendations on certain brands/models around or under $200-250?

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Etymotic MC3s or the 5 version.

Dynamic Drivers, hence a little more bass punch.

Just my opinion, Jim
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This may step into a different sound, but the MEE A161s may suit what you want.  Other ideas include the Brainwavz B2s as well as the ACS T15 universals.  They each have a similar sound to the Etymotic (except A161 which rolls off the treble a bit and isn't analytic) with a bit more bass without giving up accuracy.

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I'm not sure what you meant by the A161S headphones, unless you meant these?


If so they look like a good option.



I totally forgot to mention one important factor (figured most decent IEM's had them already): I need a mic with a button or buttons for audio control on my galaxy nexus


I really like what I see with the Brainwavz, but they don't have the mic on them either and don't seem to be available anywhere. I see preorders but that's all


I probably won't be getting another pair of etymotics. I just feel like they would be so lacking in bass. Unless this truly was just the case with the E4C's, then I will possibly reconsider





The ACS T15's look neat too, but again no inline mic with audio controls.



Just for comparisons sake, are there any other IEM's you'd reccomend, but with inline mic with audio controls? I know I'm being super picky and specific here but I don't want to waste my money and find something else that fits my needs even more. If anything I will probably end up getting the A161P's, they look really nice. Only concern is the thin cable one review mentioned, and I tend to go through headphones pretty quickly the way I handle them.



Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again guys!

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You could get any Westones that have removable cables and also purchase their EPICS cable.

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