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Marantz CD6004 and Beyerdynamic T-70

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I have a pair of beyerdynamics T-70 (250 Ohm) and was thinking of getting a Marantz CD6004 CD player. Would the Marantz be able to drive these? I also have a Fiio E17 DAC/AMP. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Should be fine. That model looks to be fairly sensitive anyway, and the Marantz player should have a decent enough output to do them justice.

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So I will not need the E17 for it? I am just afraid of ruining all three pieces if I hook up the E17 inline between the headphones and the Marantz.


I am still a noobie at this.

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I looked into this a while back with an Onkyo CD player, the C-7030.  The problem I ran into was the Onkyo headphone out was a very high impedance (somewhere around 300 ohms, based off the schematics).  This resulted in quite a bit of variation in the sound levels of lower impedance headphones.  My IEMS sounded like they had been dunked underwater, along with other headphones I tried, although not to the same extent.


I bought a Fiio E5 to use strictly as an impedance fix, which resolved my problem.  The Fiio amps tend to have very low output impedance of 10 ohms or less.


  Any output impedance under 25 ohm output should be fine with 250 ohm headphones.  Once you get the Marantz, try the headphone output with and without the Fiio.  If your music sounds noticeably better, it's likely due to the Marantz having a high output impedance.  If there's little to no variation, you're probably fine. 


Or you could always contact Marantz and ask - I couldn't find the spec with some casual Googling.

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I have a CD6004. It's a great CD player - but to be honest I'm not enthusiastic about its headphone out. I've tried it once with the Senn HD600, and the result was... well, meh. Bloated bass, congested soundstage - the usual signs of an underamped HD600/650.

In any case, I'd recommend some sort of external headphone amp. Your Fiio should do fine.

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I bought this cd player about a month pretty good compare to my old cambridge audio azur 640c which disc tray not working anymore.

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