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Originally Posted by daniel521 View Post

sorry I was taking a look at my previous threads and only saw this now. I listened to them for quite some time and I gotta say I love them. I compared them to my friends monster turbine pro copper which is a 400 dollar IEM and played some songs to compare. The ie60 lacked a bit of bass in electronic music but they are outstanding at rock. The guitar sounds really good, drums have a lot of impact, and the vocals sounded very clear. The monster turbine pro copper stood no chance against the ie60 when listening to rock. I love these IEMs and I wouldn't ever replace them, most of the time I actually listen to them instead of my ath-m50. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)


Good to hear it :-) I certainly do!


I just feel the IE60's are undervalued here at head-fi because they aren't even included in the big IEM review thread and are constantly compared to IE80 while the armature isn't even the same.


and no... I am not working for Sennheiser haha ~ I just really like their products.

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Have you tried the IE80 for yourself yet? :)

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Originally Posted by lee730 View Post

Have you tried the IE80 for yourself yet? :)


Regretfully not, since I work and live in China (I am an expat) I had to buy it from the Sennheiser official website which means no tryout.


A friend of mine here owns the fake IE80's... the fixture of the fake vs real IE80 is identical but the components inside is of course not the genuine deal... That is why I was annoyed when the isolation of IE80 was compared to IE60. The fixtures do not compare in my opinion... which means the isolation and sound just cannot be the same too, especially since IE60 has no bass control...


They are truly just 2 completely different IEM's but from the same manufacturer.

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here is a quick comparison with the ie6's and 80's. Please take this with a grain of salt as am not very good at comparisons. Ok so here goes nothing.


Bass: The ie80 has more bass making them sound fuller than the 6's which sound thin in comparison. Definately more sub bass too, making them extend deeper.


Mids: The 80's again sound better, not as recessed as the 6's. Regardless vocals both sound good.


Highs: Again the 80's win, but not by a lot compared to the bass and mids. They have a bit more detail and better extension, Both are not fatiguing in the slightest. Very relaxing treble.


Soundstage: The 80's win hands down. Much larger than the 6's.


The 80's are definately a clear upgrade of the 6's. Were they 60's just an asthetical upgrade over the 6's or did they tweak the sound to?

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Originally Posted by Berkovajazz View Post


Also you can take a look on another phones, which sounds great from iPhone and do not need amp.
AT CKS77, Shure 215, Vsonic R07, for example.

Hey, it's been a long time since you posted this but I'm considering a cable upgrade to my ie60 (I won't be using it just with a phone, I purchased a fiio e11 some time ago) but the silver cable you mentioned doesn't seem to be available anymore, is there a cable you recommend for my ie60? My budget is 75 dollars, I might consider 100 if its worth it). I don't understand much about cables so since the ie60's cable isn't detachable, I'm not sure if connecting an extra cable to the ie60 would make a difference...(I'm a noob at this)


Thank's in advance :)

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I recently got the IE60's on sale out of curiosity. I had the IE6's a while ago and wasn't too impressed with them. I have the IE7 and IE80. The IE60 has a smaller but more intimate soundstage which makes vocals stand out more. What has impressed me the most so far is the treble. It's not the typical IE treble sound. It sounds brighter/more sparkle and is more forward. When I had the IE6, I also had the IE7 to compare and I clearly liked the latter better but I did a brief comparison with the IE60, and the IE60 sounds to me like an improved IE7 with a smaller soundstage. They even have more forward mids than the IE7. I'm kinda shocked at how good they sound to my ears. I wasn't expecting it but it is a welcome surprise.

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I want IE60...:)

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2 Daniel. No, i mean that silver makes a lot of earphones sound much better than stock versions. You can make some miracle with IE60 but you need to go inside them. This is not a good idea.
For earphones with detachable cable silver is a good option.

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Yesterday i was having experience with some FAKEs IE60. 1=1 box, case, similar housings, but cable was ugly, tips were cheap. Sound similar to Apple earbuds.

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I'm going to bring this thread back rather than starting a new one. I just picked up a pair of IE60 about a week ago. I'm really enjoying them and will be writing a review in a few weeks.


Does anybody know of some tips that will provide more isolation? I often wear my IEMs while on the bus or even while playing drums. So, isolation is a BIG issue for me. I used to use the gray tri-flange tips on my Etymotic Research HF5, which were great. Is there anything similar? I have very large ear canals.





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You can try the me-electronics dual flange tips. I use the Ultimate Ears single flange tips and it has better isolation than the stock tips for me.

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New comparisons with IE 80?
Or just more reviews... :)

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This weekend I managed to cram the gray tri-flange tips from my Etymotic HF5 onto my IE60. It was a very tight stretch. However, the headphone doesn't reach far enough into the ear to get a good seal with these tips.


I'll be trying others, thanks for the tips Rip'N'Burn!



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Try phonak eartips, its flexible, it will fit, even in the asg1.
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I want to purchase the Sennheiser IE60 but I never have tried the IE line for Sennheiser because they are usually more expensive than the CX line. I have owned the Sennheiser CX 300, 500, 680, 880 and 980 canal headphones. From reading forums over the years, I have discovered that in general the CX line will have better noise isolation than the IE line because the CX line is closed system. Would this be true also if I am currently using the CX 880 and I switched to the IE60? Would I experience worse noise isolation with the IE60 than compared to the CX 880's?

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