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Solder station upgrading from Hakko 936 - suggestions

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I've been doing my search-duties but have not found more recent posts about solder stations...


I have, as may be obvious from the title of my post, a Hakko 936, and would like to get something better.  I do cables, through-hole (both simple repairs, and board stuffing) and an occasional smt to dip adaptor.  I don;t really need a new station, this is more a fun purchase....


That said, I am looking at the Hakko FX951, a Pace ST25 or 30, Metcal.Oki PS-900, E#dsyn 951SX, and pipedreaming maybe for a JBC CD1BB or SB.


Any thoughts on which and whether from the above list, and why - please show all work in the margins, and you may use your notes and internet connections!


Thanks for any suggestions...



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JBC. Because they're the best. Almost everyone who tries one says so. It also wins all the independent tests. And if this is just a fun purchase, you shouldn't be worried about price vs performance.

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so, if I backed off the upper end of the price range of the models i listed, wouold the Hakko 951 be enough of an upgrade to be worthwhile?  I was spend-happy yesterday, but am coming back down to earth....


thanks for the response, btw...



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I think so

But I don't recommend spending more than you have to, and you probably don't have to.

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so, i bought an OKi sp-900 on ebay, and it looks like the guy stiffed me.  i have a day or so more before i can file a complaint with eBay, but am sure i will win and get my money back.  In the meantime, i found a great deal on a JBC CD-1BB, with 3 extra tips (five total) - all new and sealed, for a price i could not turn down (well, i could have, but where's the fun in that?).  It was a bit more than I should have spent, but i will probably never have to get another iron.  I could always get compatible tweezers for my 936....


anyway, i unboxed the JBC at work, and messed with it a bit on my desk, just to see what it could do.  This thing is the sh*t!!!!! It has a really useful display, has a nicely balanced, thin handle, and heats up really quickly, it has sleep and hibernate modes, oh, did i say how fast this thing comes up to temperature?  



Mongo very happy!

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You MUST do a thorough review... Or several.

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Originally Posted by fzman View Post

I don't really need a new station...


You don't really need a new solder station. Buy some components or a kit and build something. Or get a nice multimeter, or a USB oscilloscope, or a low-distortion audio signal generator. Or build a Bob Cordell distortion multiplier, or, or...


Oh, you bought it already.frown.gif



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Impulse control when it comes to buying stuff is not my forte!  i have 3 good meters; a wavetek that measures L and C, along with the usual suspects, another meter which is true-rms reading, and has a temp probe, and a nice bench meter.  also have a 100MHz Hitachi scope....  so the JBC station will fit right into the bench of overkill.

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