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Need help deciding between TF 10's or Budget Headphones

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I started out with sennheiser HD428's and really liked the signature of the headphones and the only complaint I had was that the bass wasn't as strong as I would like it to be. I decided that I would rather try in ear headphones so I got some RP-HJE 900's and loved them. I loved their balance it was great balance of everything, but within 3 months my left driver gave out. so instead of buying another pair of 900's I decided that I can upgrade. I dint want to spend too much money so, probably looking for second-hand with a max budget of $150. I am looking to wear these for long periods of time at work, but I am glad to sacrifice on comfort for sound. Hence I did some research and could not decide between these.


Ultimate Ears TF 10's > ~$130


Superlux HD668B > ~$50


Fisher Audio FA-003/ Brainwaze HM5 > ~$140 (amazon) new


ATH-m50s > ~$140 (amazon) new


Im leaning towards the TF10's or FA-003/HM5 but if there are any other alternatives please let me know/ help me pick the best for my money.


I listen mostly to HipHop/rap, Rock/Metal, Piano/Guitar, with a bit of mainstream stuff



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Vsonic GR07 as another choice, on ebay right on budget.

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I considered those however i liked the Tf10's cause the cables and such are replacable

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Yeh but i own both, the only thing TF10's have over GR07 is the replaceable cable and its signature, but then the GR07 is such a good IEM i am considering selling my TF10's.

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ihave the TF10 ànd these things rock, i think you should buy them!

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Another consideration with the TF10 is they can be made into customs down the road if you wanted them.

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TF10 is great IF it fits you - they really did not suit my ear shape.
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The TF10's are pretty amazing -- a true bargain for what you can get them for.  To me they are very alive and fun (and very true when listening to excellenty recorded live music).


Of the included tips, I could only get a good seal with the Comply's, but they muffled the sound a bit. Both the Monster Super-Tips and some basic tips from my wifes MEElectronics M9P fit really well.  Some time trying different tips has paid off with a secure and very comfortable fit.


You don't state what your source player is, but it seems he TF10's work best units having low  output impedance .



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Yeah I have not invested in anything other than headphones yet so the tf10's are going to go straight to my PC.


But I tried the TF 10's yesterday (my friends) I was honestly surprised at how big those things were. but with a little struggle I thought i got a pretty good seal and got them to sit on my ears. Could not really tell if they were comfortable or not because I dint get much time to listen to them. But I think TF 10's are the way to go. 


The Gr07's Iv heard are better but, if the cable stops working I don't the time to replace the cables. So because the TF 10's have FRU parts these are great for me

Iv also heard that the tips make a worlds difference when listening to them, and its more of a hit and miss with every one so I think I might have to ascertain which one is the best one

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