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Noob question about fixing a cable

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Hi Fi-ites.  I know I will show my noob here but I have a problem.  I got an early test sample of a very good set if in-ear buds.  Somewhere in the cable, in the Y where they split to left and right, I have a short.  Now only the left works althought I can get sound out of the right if I hold it just so and squeeze.



Everyone says they can't be fixed.  Why can't I just splice a new cable on?  Or splice each thin left and right onto a new cable.  Or install a jack so they can accept that sort of cable.  What am I missing?



Kip of OCN

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It can be fixed, I suppose any of those ideas should work.  It would probably be better to replace the whole cable with something sturdier.  If you do that, you would cut off the cable from the speakers a couple of inches from the strain reliefs to give yourself ample room to work, then get a replacement cable for other earphones (perhaps a Westone or Ultimate Ears one?) and cut the headphone-side connectors off and solder the new cable on.  You will probably want to have a piece of heatshrink to cover the signal connection once the wires are soldered together in order to prevent the signal from shorting with ground then another, longer piece to cover and reinforce the whole thing.

At least, that's what I would do.

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Great.  Will get some stuff together and do it.


Follow up.  Does I have to solder it together?  Crimping and taping not ok for them?  My soldering looks like kindergarten work.  But I guess practice will do me good.


I sure wish I could right click on head-fi.  So I can check my spelling.  Hooked on Phonics worked for me.


Edit:  Oh  <Ctrl> + <right click> works!  See, its the small things they don't tell you.

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Ctrl + right-click is what you want when on Head-fi.


Yes, you must solder, like I said.  I don't recommend crimp + tape.  Besides, soldering a cable is pretty easy.  Practice on some broken cable or something.

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