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For Sale: FS: 2010 13" MacBook Pro (with AppleCare)

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For Sale:
FS: 2010 13" MacBook Pro (with AppleCare)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

For sale is a late 2010, entry level 13" MacBook Pro, bought in January 2011 three weeks before the 2011 refresh. I have recently decided to move to a Mac Mini and need to make up the funds. The MacBook Pro comes with 18 months of AppleCare coverage, expiring January 2014.




2.4GHz Core 2 Duo

NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics, 256MB
1280 x 800 display




Has been a treasured possession over the last 18 months, so overall in excellent condition. It is fully functional, no operational issues whatsoever. A few cosmetic marks on the top and bottom of the machine (Slightly more significant on the base), but otherwise free from dents, cracks or other external defects. The glass panel in front of the display is free from scratches and the display itself has no discolouration or dead pixels. Battery life is still very healthy, the MacBook Pro charges without issue and battery consistently lasts upwards of five hours with casual use (Web browsing and word processing with Bluetooth and Wifi on). I will be charging it fully and letting the battery run down with no programs running and no wireless connectivity to gain an indication of maximum potential battery life, which I will edit in tomorrow. The power brick/magsafe portion of the charger has been replaced by Apple as a result of fraying, the new charger is in excellent condition, being a little grubby and a few scratches on the power brick. There is a tear in the box of the MBP where the handle comes through the card, ironically caused by the Apple staff member trying to open the box to set it up for me.


Please see pictures for details, more can be uploaded on request. Apologies for the somewhat lacking quality.


Included in the Sale


*Everything included originally with the MacBook Pro:

-MacBook Pro 13" with a clean install of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

-Magsafe charger with extension lead

-"Everything Mac" Instruction Manual

-"Everything Else" pack containing License Agreements, Snow Leopard install DVD, OS X applications install DVD and two large Apple stickers.

*Applecare Documentation






Terms of Sale


I am selling this MacBook Pro for £450. I would very much prefer to make this sale in person, cash in hand. I am located in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham, and can travel to the city centre or surrounding areas quite easily, although I will insist on performing the transaction in a public place. I would rather avoid selling over long distance, if needs be I will accept payment via Paypal gifting and will post via recorded delivery. This is limited to members with acceptable Head Fi feedback.


Please PM me for any additional information.

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Can't figure out how to rename photos so here's a gallery where the photos are titled so you can tell which marks are on the top or bottom:


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Price drop.

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