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Originally Posted by Deep Funk View Post

A list of everyone interested should help to start the organisation of this meet a bit, who's interested?


I'm in :) (already on the attendee list). Let me know if I can do anything to help organizing this thing :)




As I don't have a really big hobby-budget, I usually go for the bang-for-the-buck type of gear, so I don't have any really spectacular equipment to bring to the meeting, but I can bring:


Over ear headphones:


AKG K702

Audio Technica ATH-A500 (damping mod)

Brainwavz HM3


On ear headphones:

AKG K430 (headset mod)

AKG K830bt [if it's not sold by then]

Audio Technica ATH-ES10



Sennheiser IE7

Vsonic GR04Pro [formerly known as Flagship Edition]

Westone W1

Westone UM3X



Fiio E3

Fiio E6

Fiio E9



Fiio E7

iBasso D2+ Boa



Apple iPod Video 30GB (32 GB CF mod, Rockboxed) [if it's not sold by then]

Nationite S:Flo2 8GB

Sansa Clip+ 8GB (Rockboxed)

Sansa e280 v2 8GB

Sansa Fuze v1 8GB (Rockboxed)



And I'll probably bring a laptop w. music and maybe my Denon DP-23F turntable with Grado Prestige Black cartridge (if the meeting is not too far away, I don't want to put it in a shaky car for too long). Oh, and as I'll be travelling by car, I will also have one speaker setup with me (consisting of Toyota factory speakers, a Pioneer DEH-8600MP headunit, Signat ROC4 MK2 amplifier & Signat Onyx 12" subwoofer).



If you see anything on the list you really want to try, just let me know and I'll make sure to bring it. If you want to try any of my IEMs, make sure to bring your own tips as I can't guarantee optimal fit with what I have.


I'll be traveling to the meet from Tilburg and I'll be going by car, if you are in or can get to the general Tilburg area, I have room to give 1 or 2 people (3 if someone can fit in a car seat for a 2y/o) + some gear a ride...

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@Coop: Crazy dude... :) If I'd live in NL, I'd be the first to join this meeting. Take it as a compliment!

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What? you're not even going to drive to NL from Stockholm for this meet? It's only 1500km... And you call yourself a hifi enthusiast... Pfffff... your lack of motivation worries me a bit buddy!



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Don't complain, I've just visited you with my car in this spring when I've came from Romania... as I've passed through NL just to meet you and to see your collection of gadgets! biggrin.gif You are a Dutch legend, man! cool.gif

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Anyone going to X-fi in Veldhoven tomorrow?
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yes, I was there. Not much dedicated heaphone gear though. I checked out the sennheiser HD 800 and hifiman 500 and 6. Unfortunately the whole stax, burson and schiit range was not connected to a source. Just for looking.....

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Originally Posted by Negakinu View Post

How do you do that..
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Originally Posted by William007 View Post

How do you do that..


Magic! ;) 

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Aren't you a photographer? What gear do you use?
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I'll tell you all about it at the meet. :)

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Dude one thing, canon, nikon or Leica?
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Panasonic, Nikon & Leica. :)

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Dude i beg you, please bring your AE-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hahaha sure why not. But let's not get even more off topic before the mods rain ban upon us. :)

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