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For Sale: JVC FXT90 - Less than 3 weeks old

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For Sale:
JVC FXT90 - Less than 3 weeks old

Will Ship To: Canada and USA

I picked these up during the big Future Shop sale as I helped out a fellow Head-fi member in the States with the 2nd pair. I decided to try another pair to make sure the pair I bought a couple months ago were defective or something. Anyway, long story short, these definitely sound better than my first pair but I am still not a big enough fan of the signature to want to keep them plus I have been a NUT with IEM purchases lately so I have to clean some stuff out and these are one of the ones I have decided to let go.


The price is $OLD shipped. This will mean I incur a loss but not a massive one. My cost for the item was $52.50. So at the price I am selling these I will ship using small packet air which has insurance to cover the cost of the item but not have tracking (this will cost me around $10 so I am actually splitting the shipping costs with the buyer). If anyone want's tracking on the IEM, they will need to pay the additional cost for tracking which will likely be an additional $10 at which time the prices will be confirmed prior to the finalization of the sale.


I am not willing to come down on this price as the IEM does normally retail for $99 or more so I am being more than fair on my price and terms.


Not worrying about pictures but can make them available if necessary.

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Sale pending...
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