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Any others interested in attending?
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sent pm

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I got a couple PMs from you fellas.  I want to make it to try some different gear out, but as of today there's only a ~25% chance of me making it.  It is somewhat based on what the weather does.




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As of now, 5 have committed.

Not really enough unless you guys just want to get together to experiment. Otherwise, I say we cancel the meet.
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We can try pushing it back yet another month - or not.

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that makes me so sad :< well, after i get my Anedio D2, im always up for another mini meet in cinci with you guys, that was a good time.

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Man - we can always do that at the drop of a HAT.  


I'm ripping about 5 crates of CD's for Happy Camper so we'll have lots of music.  (No Death) But I'll be happy to rip yours to...

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Do we have to pay for this room, if not why cancel it 5-6 people is more then enough to get some good listening in i would say.

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There will be two people transporting their home rigs and I don't mean to sound lazy but that's a lot to do for a couple of people to hear. If several more were to bring in gear, it would be of much more interest. Preproman and I have the HE-6 so there would be little variety (with except. of all the HPs Darryl has).

No, the room is offered gratis as a work relationship so no loss there and we can probably get it on any other Saturday.

So I officially close this attempt.
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