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Looking for over-the-ear headphones. Advice needed.

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I was looking for the perfect set of over-the-ear headphones to use for my music when I stumbled upon this site, and after browsing through multiple interesting forums decided to join and post. I am a rap artists.

I use instrumentals such as ...





Also, other than rapping in my usual voice, I also use the low pitch effect popular in chopped and screwed music. such as the way the vocals sound in this song ...

I was wondering what would be the best possible headphones to fully capture the instrumentals so that I could deliver my vocals as accurately as possible. and also what would be the best headphones to playback recorded vocals so that judgement upon them can be as precise as possible. All prices are acceptable as requests, but lower priced ones would be greatly appreciated. like five hundred and under? Thanks, in advance. and I apologize for all the videos. I just assumed they would help you in developing your opinion.

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Do you want something that's easily driven by a portable music player (such as an iPod),  would you be willing to buy an amp, or do you not plan on using them with portable sources at all?

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I only need them for a laptop. Being able to use them for a portable music player would be a plus, but not to an extent that it really matters much. and yes, I am willing to buy an amp for them.

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For monitoring your own creations, you'll want something with a "flat" sound signature, meaning one that doesn't put any extra emphasis on any specific part of the sound (bass, midrange, treble). You'll most likely want a monitor for your purposes, out of which I find the KRK KNS8400 the best in terms of detail, long-session comfort, and accuracy.

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Thanks. I'll definitely look into them. Will I need an amp for them? Sorry, my headphone knowledge is extremely limited.


also, if it has a flat sound signature, will that take away from the instrumentals I record over? or just make it sound the way it naturally does without enhancement?

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A flat sound signature presents music as close to recorded as possible, without modifying or making louder any certain range. It is ideal for recording and mixing because you hear it they way the final mix will be, whereas if you get a bassy headphone the final mix will have too little bass.


The KNS8400 don't necessarily need an amp, but for use with an iPod or other MP3 player it's recommended.

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