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I heard them yesterday at the Chicago meet, and while meet conditions are not ideal, I heard enough to know that they are not my cup of tea.
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Purrin + LFF: Thanks for the writeup! I enjoyed it very much. With all the hand-wringing around here regarding the HD700, it's nice to see an even-handed, straight-forward interpretation. 


Of the group who got a "sneak peak" from Sennheiser, I believe I may have enjoyed the HD700 more than most. Yet here it is, available for purchase, and I'm not all that interested. I did recently pick up the HiFiMAN HE400 and Ultrasone Signature Pro, and was not tempted to choose HD700 over either of those. I guess that says something. 


There are still some aspects of the HD700 that I think Sennheiser did a fantastic job on. Comfort, for example, was superb (at least to my big head). It's easy to overlook a non-audible attribute like that, until you find yourself unable to enjoy an otherwise great sounding headphone because it causes physical pain.

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We didn't touch the comfort aspect, but both LFF and I felt the HD700 was extremely comfortable. The extra cushion under the headband was a nice touch over the HD800 - I have a little vestigal bump on the top of my head from my Klingon genes - so that helped a lot.

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Thanks, and a very needed and helpful analysis. I've loved the 650's for so long now, me thinks am probably not going to check these out.  

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I'm pretty sure I ordered the HE-400 on the day this review was posted. :P  And I think this should get more comments than this.

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If anyone here has an HD700 on hand please PM me, I have a few questions for you.

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Alright, I will.

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Love this post, Purrin and LFF go to great lengths (along with many others) to help the headfi community, so.... no need to defend your love for the HD700, better to read their many other threads and better understand the amount of gear they have heard. I don't know either of them, but these impressions based on their body of work here and elsewhere is enough that I am certain the HD700 isn't for me. Sorry for the rant.

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Plenty of people join head-fi before they buy headphones to become informed consumers. Alternatively those with more experience join to socialize and talk about the hobby. It's just a little suspect when someone registers for the sake of talking about a single pair of headphones and nothing else. I'm not saying you are a shill or sockpuppet, but you're giving off that vibe.


When someone with only five posts under his belt starts criticizing the review of an experienced head-fier, it's going to raise a few eyebrows for better or worse. Especially when it's not entirely clear just how many other headphones said person has even listened to himself before going on the defensive over the HD700.


Anyway, I don't want to derail purrin's thread. His review is quite good in my opinion, and he clearly lists his gear in his profile. 

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From sone one who love the BeyerDynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohm version, would you recommend the HD700?

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Very interesting.



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Wrote out a long post but it disappeared when I switched tabs...so here is the abbreviated version.  I am a sennheiser fanboy.  Looking at either HD700 or HD800.  Have less than ideal setup, am building it piece by piece.  I'm fine that my Xonar STX wont be perfect for the HD800.   If I purchase either of these I will be EQing them, HD700 to rid of sibilance, HD800 to add bass.  My question, have any of you tried EQing either of these?  Has it been successful?  I like the look of the 700 but the 800 I can get from colorware which makes up for that (I am picky on looks of my tech even though it is never showcased).  HD700 is how much I was planning on spending, but if the HD800 makes more sense SQ wise then I will shell out for the colorware version.  3-5 hour drive to audition them, hope to do so in a month's time.  Thanks for the input, and thanks for the review!

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EQ on HD800 works and it's easy to do by ear. Parametric EQ is a must. Instead of adding bass, I would trying use a -3db treble shelving filter past 6-7kHz and also notch down the 5.5-6k peak down 3db with a Q of 5-7 (narrow). 

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Thanks for the awesome review purrin!  I must have read it about 10 times before I auditioned and finally pulled the trigger on the HD700.  I had a good idea of what to expected when I first auditioned them but like everything else, I needed a couple of good listens to decide whether or not they were for me. Reviews like this are very much appreciated by myself and I bet many more that are new or relatively new, or even experienced with the headphone game. 

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Originally Posted by purrin View Post

EQ on HD800 works and it's easy to do by ear. Parametric EQ is a must. Instead of adding bass, I would trying use a -3db treble shelving filter past 6-7kHz and also notch down the 5.5-6k peak down 3db with a Q of 5-7 (narrow). 

Thanks for the reply!  hoping to audition soon =)

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 When you compared the hd 700 to the grado rs1 was the grado the original rs1 or the the newer rs1i model.Which to my understanding has asomewhat different voicing in the treble range apparently beeing less splotlighted.I have a set of the rs1i phones which I do not listen to much these days because they are more colored sounding than either my akg 701s or my audeze lcd2 rev2.

     I would have liked to see a comparison of the hd700 with the akg 701.

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