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For Sale:
Audio-GD Digital Interface (upg. 74VHC04N and TCXO, USB version) with PSU and USB Isolator

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I upgraded to the DI-V2, and now I'm selling my old one. I bought this Jan. 2011 and am the only owner. This is the "version B" which has USB input and BNC / RCA spdif output, and you can use it with an optional power supply that I am also selling (works with 100-120V). I have both the stock DC power cable, as well as a silver one; both will be included unless you just want one of them. This DI also has the TCXO upgrade for higher quality upsampling, and I replaced the stock hex inverter with the 74VHC04N which gives it a much more detailed sound than stock.


Also, I have an Olimex USB Isolator for sale with a high quality USB adapter; this is a must have for the digital interface since it makes a huge difference in SQ.


Payment options: Bitcoin ($5 discount), Paypal (Add 4% or use 'Gift' option).


Shipping: USPS Priority mail (worldwide). Ships from San Jose, CA. Local pickup is an option. Shipping cost should be $10-20 within the US, and around $5-10 on the west coast. 


Price for all 3 (DI, PSU, Isolator): $130 + shipping + fees


Compare to the new price of $285 + shipping: $140 DI + $20 TCXO + $75 PSU + $50 Isolator


If you want to buy something individually, here are my prices (shipping not included) :

DI         $90

PSU       $50

Isolator  $20

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