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Hi guys (and girls)


ive tried to search a few posts already on here and can find some information on each of these but im just wondering if anyone has any experience with more than one of these.


So basically, iv been researching alot for a decent IEM to upgrade from my current Klipsch S4 headphones- For a while now and i want to end my frustration now.....

I mainly listen to RnB, Hip Hop, Dance and Dubstep type of music.Therefore BASS and plenty of it in the IEM would be great. I dont want it bleeding or sounding boomy but definitely with masses of punch to the core with good all round treble, mids and highs. My price range is upto about a hundred pounds.


i have got down to these three as my final choices i think (if iv left any others that you seriously think are definitely worth mentioning or researching then please list with your experience of them)


1- thin film tech TFTA-2100-3V2B (1X)


2- Audio Technica ATH-CKS77


3- Future Sonic Atrio MG7


How do these compare with each other and which would you chose and why?


Your help is MUCH appreciated guys so i can finally jump in the deep end and get a pair ! :-)