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That is pretty smart.


I imagine if you just went to a university and said "OK today we're going to test if you can hear audiophile differences on this 24 bit remastered Elvis CD" then most people will yawn and tick boxes like rolling a die.


Then the test executer looks at the results and says "OK it was 60/40 = chance" lol.

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Not trying to advocate 24bit/192kHz here and that 64kbps encoding was pretty impressive, just sayin' like, how about evidencing subliminal advertising?  You can't do that in an ABX, so you have to take such cases into account too.


Aside from ABX, I think "same different-X" should be applied more, i.e. comparing SSSS versus SDSD, then you ask, was the sequence of four just played the same, or different?  Type S/D hit enter.

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I had 1 as 256, 2 as the 128, 3 as the flac and 4 as the 64. I almost got it :D

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Just had a listen with some MDR-V6s and onboard Realtek sound.


I spent something like 7 minutes trying.  Couldn't tell any of them apart.


I copied the lossless one and changed its id3 tag to "control."  I named gave the other 4 the same tag info.  In Foobar, they'll all look the same (except the control).  Later on, I'll try again, having the control to compare them to.

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Sample 1:256

Sample 2:128

Sample 3:FLAC

Sample 4:64


Edit:Almost got it, 64 and 128 are switched... >.<

Tricky :) With all those pops, and humms and electronic ins and outs.

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Nice one panda.

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