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I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands since my Aurex System which I had used as a headphone amp with my PC died.


Traditionally my headphone of choice has either been a Grado sr125i or an Alessandro MS2i and I enjoy them very much.  While attempting to broaden my horizons I have purchase a set of Digitech FA-003 clones which are currently burning in, but from my initial impressions I know I’m going to like them.  The only potential purchase on the horizon would be a pair of Fischer FA-011, though I would probably die a slow and painful death due to wife aggro.


My budget is a maximum of £200 delivered to my door and the candidates thus far are:


-Little Dot I+ - I have owned this amp previously and was very impressed how it matched up to my Grado’s using an OPA2107 and Voskhod EF95’s.  Once I have purchased the amplifier, opamp, tubes and accounting for customs charges I will be looking at around £150 delivered.


-Matrix M-Stage – This has excellent reviews and looks like a solid device with the option of buying the USB/DAC for £199.99 (sure I may not use it now but it’s a useful bit of kit to have available).  Alternatively the standard version is available for £165 delivered.  I have read through most of the Matrix M-Stage thread there have been passing comments about its use with Grado, there has been nothing to swing me away from the little dot as it is proven to be a great match.  I quite like the ability of this piece to act as a preamp for a future power amplifier.


So Head-Fi, please help me decide and suggest alternatives if you think they would fit my needs