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1. Bang for the buck

2 Clarity

3 Warmth

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In the hopes a poor Canadian can be chosen here are my answers:

I have kept IEM's that are comfortable and easy to wear, have a clear clean midrange and treble with easily discerned detail, bass is present but controlled and never over shadows the rest of the sound frequency.
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What makes my favorite headphones my favorite


1: clarity



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1) good price point and comfort 2)wide soundstage 3)tight mids and good highs

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For me, being 70 years old and with declining hearing:


isolation- allows me to block extraneous noise and concentrate on detail


clarity- that which makes a clarinet sound like a clarinet, and a flute like a flute


realism- that wow factor that I'm really there and that the players are in the room with me.

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In no particular order: Relative neutrality of the sound signature, bass impact and control, and the very favorable performance/price ratio.

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1. Clarity
2. Punchy tight bass
3. Comfort
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1) Comfort - It is pointless to have great sounding headphones if they are uncomfortable to wear

2) Construction - this covers durability, ease of use, folding/portability, quality of cable, etc - once again, great sound is pointless if it is too delicate to handle and/or too inconvenient to use

3) sound reproduction - for casual listening I'm actually not too picky about the actual sound quality, but there should at least be adequate bass response, limited treble peaks, and sufficiently quick decay times that sound isn't blurry. 

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Stoundstage, Clarity, and Speed

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speed, timbre, musicality

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Detail, Comfort, and a flat sound signature.

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My 3 fav are...


1. Personality 

2. comfort

3. grit - basically they dont quit, give up, or want you to have to switch pairs to listen to different types of music. 


Pick me Pick me Pick me!!!! 



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My favorite features of an IEM...



1. Detail - capturing instrument separation and subtle tones around vocals...


2. Presentation - balanced, open, grand imaging that sounds natural and real.


3. Comfort - Designed with the listener in mind. Fit, cables, ergonomics, carrying case all should support the IEM and it's daily use.



Woot woot!!

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