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i like how my headphones are 1) versatile with a bit of eqing, 2) lovely bass extension 3) clarity

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Three things are
1. Clarity
2. soundstage
3. Fit Comfort

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1. Neutral sounding
2. Comfort
3. Impedance (Higher preferred for studio work)

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Well I'll give it a go even though my luck sucks haha. 

1) I really do enjoy a large/captivating soundstage. Not the kind where everything is far away from you but where you can actually tell where things are and it feels like your sitting at the 3 row. 
2) Comfort, I have yet to wear a headphone that was perfect the moment I wore it. The HD650 were a tad bit tight but I fixed it with a bit bending. DT770 were clamping a lot for some reason.
3) Of course, sound quality that doesn't need a super $1000 amp to run it. Other than that I feel that sound shouldn't be need to be said because nobody enjoys horrible sound. 

Good luck to everyone!

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Clarity, Accuracy, and Lightweight.

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Clarity comfort and Soundstage.
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Comfort, Sound quality, and the Design are the 3 most important qualities that make my favorite headphone better than others iv'e tried.

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1. SOUND - rich clean bass, sharp treble when called upon


2. COMFORT - minimal ear fatigue


3. PORTABILITY - designed for 'on the go'

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I enjoy the sense of space, the clarity, and the bass on rock tracks.

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1) I like Awesome mids (vocal lover)

2) Great detail

3)Sound to price ratio


i realized i replied to late :( deadline is 6/11/2012 

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What are the (3) qualities that make your favorite headphone better than others you’ve tried?

1. Soundstage.

2. Clarity.

3. Bass control.

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I want my earphones to have clear sound (1), comfortable (2), and enjoyable (3). Clear sound because I want to hear most or all of the instruments going to my ears. Comfort because I tend to use them in long sessions and if the sound coming from the earphone is not enjoyable, why use it at all?

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1. Lifelike, unadulterated, detailed sound.


2. Comfort. 


3. Build Quality.

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1. Clarity in the mids and highs (emphasis on the upper-mids)

2. Great sound quality in a portable form-factor

3. Lots of extras bundled in the package (ie. cables, adapters, etc.)

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Easy to drive

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