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This is why I love this audiophile forum atsmile.gif


Thanks Moshi!

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Congratz to winners and to the generosity of Moshi Audio!

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The rumble, speed and portability.

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1) my favorite headphone (Pioneer HDJ-2000-K) is warm without being hugely bass-oriented.  The bass bump is present, but subtle enough to be more refined and sophisticated than almost any other DJ headphone.  The trick is that beat matching is more about the highs (snare) than the bass.  The bass is boomy on a lot of songs, so by beat matching by snare you can be more accurate, and also have headphones that sound good with a broader range of genres.  Have your cake and eat it too.

2) my favorite cans fold into a tight package for easy transport and are built like a tank.  They have a mono/stereo switch and generally are just extremely utilitarian.

3) my favorite headphones have phenomenal soundscaping/surround sound.


I only wish the sound isolation was better.

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1.  contest

2.  has

3.  ended

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Sometimes I have to wonder if people actually read the entirety of the OP...there can be a LOT of information in it just FYI. >.>

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1. presentation

2. forward mids

3. value

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1. Two

2. Posts

3. Up

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Oh.  Haha guess I should pay more attention next time :)

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Any impressions.

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Originally Posted by goodvibes View Post

Any impressions.

I wrote a review a while back. It isn't on Head-Fi though (none of my full length reviews are). I'm mobile right now, so I'll post the review if you want when I'm on a computer.

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I WON!!!! YAY!!!

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