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I like my HD800's because: 1.) I can laud my ability to afford them, 2.) their unique serial number and pickiness allow me to antagonize anyone with a different model or rig than my own, and 3.) battling their harshness is the only thing that makes me feel alive sometimes.

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USA only... typical wink.gif

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1. Extremely portable
2. comfortable for long term wear
3. No part part of the spectrum overpowers another and each part is represented clearly
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1 - Sound Quality is paramount


2 - Comfort is a close second


3 - Would be looks and design


too bad..  I'm not in the USA. However!! I've got friends there T_T

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Super black background (only the instruments exist, nothing else)
Extremely natural sounding. Drums sound like drums, guitar like guitar
Lightweight and open (not a huge fan of isolation)
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1. The instruments image/size, must be right, not to small, not too big or boomy.
2. Great soundstage and instrument seperation.

3. Portable.

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1) Comfort
2) Good tonal balance
3) Good value
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3 things why i chose my current headphones are:


1) isolation

2) good vocals, nicely structured bass

3) they look nice :)

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I choose my earphone based on:

1) Comfort

2) Sound quality

3) Unique design/function. something that make them more special than others :)

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1.How "natural" the soundstage is: some headphones have expansive yet seemingly artificial soundstages.

2.How emotional the vocals sound.

3.How good the comfort is(especially if you're going to wear it for 3+hours everyday).

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  1. Euphoric Effect
  2. Comfort
  3. no detracting qualities.


by the 3rd point I mean, its not what it does right, but that it does not do anything majorly wrong (microphics, sibilance, bad build quality, uncomfortable, odd sound reproduction, flat soundstage)


I have a US address to receive it on my behalf.

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Originally Posted by tinyman392 View Post

You might actually like these then :)  Not joining the giveaway, already got one of these :)

That sounds promising. What's not is that it's USA only. :(

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3-Accurate frequency responsse

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1. Natural, full sound.

2. Comfort and style ... if there's two headphones of comparable quality and one doesn't look like an audio abortion, I'll just be shallow.

3. Punchy, full bass ... not something that rattles your skull, but still impacts. Clarity in the bass is one of the most impressive sounds you can get

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What are the (3) qualities that make your favorite headphone better than others you’ve tried?


Considering the HD800 has become my new favorite the 3 things that made it so are the detail, the soundstage, and the comfort. They were a big step up comfort wise from the LCD 2. Soundstage was a big jump as well. Detail less so, but it's definitely there.


Good luck everyone.

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