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What are the (3) qualities that make your favorite headphone better than others you’ve tried?


1. The bass!

2. The looks!

3. The sound! 


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1. Good fit and seal

2. High build quality, especially the cable

3. Mostly neutral with good soundstage.


Thank you!

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The sound stage, natural sound and detail

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1. Clarity

2. Quality bass

3. Comfort

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1. Comfort

2. Fidelity

3. Price

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comfortable fit
no noise
accurate sound
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Mostly neutral yet unfatiguing with a decent lower end.

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Soaring highs- I love treble! But I don't necessarily want highs to completely overpower my music.

Midrange- I want my mid-range to be quite prominent, pronounced but still sounding natural. I want just the right touch of warmth in my music, just to take away the cold and harsh sound lots of treble will sometimes bring. Along with mids, I want tight, quick bass. Not necessarily agressive, but not slow.

Soundstage and presentation I generally go for a more out-of-head kind of experience, I love the feeling of being surrounded by my music. Therefore, I usually go for audio equipment with a large to gargantuan soundstage.

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- great midrange
- rhythm and timing
- musicality
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  1. Delineation in bass frequencies while maintaining a fair amount of impact & extension. Lesser headphones might have bass hits sound similar when in fact they're uniquely toned or tuned.
  2. Transparent & agile in the middle and upper ranges where it should be (think of preserving the unique timbre of a particular female vocalists' voice)
  3. Fairly neutral



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I know it's over... I'm just eager to see who has won! *everything on my person that can be crossed...is crossed!!*

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Not trying to be a hoarder, but TBH I could use a decent pair of IEMs.  I've got one pair of *supposedly* clear and detailed IEMs but they're really just little sibilant stabbers and they hurt.  Good luck to everyone though!  smile.gif

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Sooo who Won?

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Missed the deadline =(
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Did the drawing happen yet or no? If yes, who won?

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